Logo FridA“Frauen in den Arbeitsmarkt”, engl. women into the labor market

FridA aims to empower women to gain back their seat at the “labor table”. The project is funded by the European Social Fond and the Ministry of the German-speaking Community. It has been specially designed for women who seek to return to or start their careers. The reason for this is that generally speaking women face more difficulties on the labor market than men. A woman’s personal life does not stay personal when it comes to wage work. It has a direct impact on her career on several levels. Just a few examples:

First, a female employee is perceived to be more restricted by parenting and other care work than a male one. So many employers subconsciously assume that women are potentially less committed to the job, less reliable, less flexible and less resilient than their male opponents. Therefore, it is more likely that the male candidate gets the job. Second example: Women typically work in low-paid jobs while men occupy well-paid positions. Therefore, when it comes to family, women are more likely to work on a part-time basis or even quit their jobs in order to take care of the children and the household. From a financial point of view, this absolutely makes sense. From a feminist’s one, it is hard to swallow.

So, in a sum, many women need the FridA-project in order to gain financial independence and professional fulfillment. For that, the project provides guidance in professional orientation, it helps participants to recognize their abilities, gives application training, encourages participants to break new ground and gives space to try things out.